So High

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So High

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No Sense Talk
Cristian Ferrer "No Sense Talk" (Deep Strips)
What Love Really Is
Cristian Ferrer "What Love Really Is" (Deep Strips)
I Will take you there
Cristian Ferrer "I Will Take You There" (Elebated Records)
Not Alone
Cristian Ferrer "Not Alone" (Deep Strips)
Good As You
Cristian Ferrer "Good As You" (Sensoria Records)
So High
Cristian Ferrer "So High" (Megao Music Label/ Chicago USA)
Cristian Ferrer "Crush" (Deep strips)
Cristian Ferrer "Broken" (Megao Music Label/ Chicago USA)
Let You Go
Anton Ishutin & Cristian Ferrer "Let You Go" (Impure)
Cristian Ferrer "Memories" (Megao Music Label/ Chicago USA)
Dimensional Love
Cristian Ferrer "Dimensional Love" (Megao Music Label/ Chicago USA)
To The End
Cristian Ferrer "To The End" THE REMIXES (Sensoria Records/Brasil)
Cristian Ferrer "You" THE REMIXES (Sensoria Records/Brasil)

"So High" is a song that captures the unique essence and musical talent of Cristian Ferrer. With an irresistible mix of catchy beats and captivating lyrics, this track promises to take us to new musical heights.

The song features a perfect combination of electronic elements, creating a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. From the very first beat, you will feel enveloped in a thrilling listening experience that will transport you on an unforgettable musical journey.

Get ready to elevate your senses and immerse yourself in the unique musical experience of Cristian Ferrer's "So High". Don't miss the release of this incredible track and join us in this exciting musical adventure.