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A few words about me.

Cristian Ferrer is a DJ and Music Producer who has carved out his own unique style that's all about elegance, high quality, versatility, refined mixes, and, of course, a whole lot of passion. He specializes in an eclectic mix of music styles, including chill out, nu disco, deep house, house, tech-house, and groove.

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    Dance / House
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18 years of experience

With 18 years of experience on the international music scene, Cristian has played in some of the coolest venues in Austria, Czech Republic, Spain, Slovakia, and the UK. He has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the business, including David Guetta, Shermanology, Full Intention, Richard Muller, Bingo Players, Cedric Gervais, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Nathan Cozzetto (Volaris), Eibhlin (Hed Kandi), Patrick Hagenaar, Kura, Roger Sanchez, Mark Knight, Firebeatz, Coqui Selection, and many others.

Cristian is always involved in multiple exciting projects at once, producing music for some of the most important music labels out there and playing at exclusive fashion parties, opening parties at shopping centers, and private events. From 2014 to 2018, he was the resident DJ at WakeLake Golden Sands, an exclusive leisure center in Bratislava.

His desire to create, explore and expand his talent has made Cristian Ferrer modify his structure and now he has decided to focus more on music production. 

He is a very sensible person who tries to transmit it through music.

Ferrer's music themes are characterized by their exceptional originality, expertly curated samples, unique percussion sounds, classic piano chords, and captivating vocal performances that create the perfect atmosphere. He has worked tirelessly to achieve success in the music industry and in the past two years, his dedication, passion, and expertise have paid off as he has collaborated with top music labels worldwide.


No Sense Talk
Cristian Ferrer "No Sense Talk" (Deep Strips)
What Love Really Is
Cristian Ferrer "What Love Really Is" (Deep Strips)
I Will take you there
Cristian Ferrer "I Will Take You There" (Elebated Records)
Not Alone
Cristian Ferrer "Not Alone" (Deep Strips)
Good As You
Cristian Ferrer "Good As You" (Sensoria Records)
So High
Cristian Ferrer "So High" (Megao Music Label/ Chicago USA)
Cristian Ferrer "Crush" (Deep strips)
Cristian Ferrer "Broken" (Megao Music Label/ Chicago USA)
Let You Go
Anton Ishutin & Cristian Ferrer "Let You Go" (Impure)
Cristian Ferrer "Memories" (Megao Music Label/ Chicago USA)
Dimensional Love
Cristian Ferrer "Dimensional Love" (Megao Music Label/ Chicago USA)
To The End
Cristian Ferrer "To The End" THE REMIXES (Sensoria Records/Brasil)
Cristian Ferrer "You" THE REMIXES (Sensoria Records/Brasil)