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No Sense Talk
Cristian Ferrer "No Sense Talk" (Deep Strips)
Track cover
What Love Really Is
Cristian Ferrer "What Love Really Is" (Deep Strips)
Track cover
I Will take you there
Cristian Ferrer "I Will Take You There" (Elebated Records)
Track cover
Not Alone
Cristian Ferrer "Not Alone" (Deep Strips)
Track cover
Good As You
Cristian Ferrer "Good As You" (Sensoria Records)
Track cover
So High
Cristian Ferrer "So High" (Megao Music Label/ Chicago USA)
Track cover
Cristian Ferrer "Crush" (Deep strips)
Track cover
Cristian Ferrer "Broken" (Megao Music Label/ Chicago USA)
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Let You Go
Anton Ishutin & Cristian Ferrer "Let You Go" (Impure)
Track cover
Cristian Ferrer "Memories" (Megao Music Label/ Chicago USA)
Track cover
Dimensional Love
Cristian Ferrer "Dimensional Love" (Megao Music Label/ Chicago USA)
Track cover
To The End
Cristian Ferrer "To The End" THE REMIXES (Sensoria Records/Brasil)
Track cover
Cristian Ferrer "You" THE REMIXES (Sensoria Records/Brasil)

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"BROKEN" is a powerful and emotional song that showcases Cristian Ferrer's artistic versatility and talent. 

The high quality production and carefully crafted arrangements add additional layers of depth to "BROKEN", creating an unforgettable listening experience. The fusion of electronic elements is expertly blended to create a melancholic and evocative ambiance.

With "BROKEN", Cristian Ferrer once again demonstrates his ability to connect with his audience through music. The song will become a personal soundtrack for those who have experienced the pain of broken relationships and will find solace in Cristian Ferrer's heartfelt lyrics and passionate performance.