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Back & Forth

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    Sensoria Records
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To The End
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Cristian Ferrer "You" THE REMIXES (Sensoria Records/Brasil)


Cristian Ferrer Debuts in Sensoria Records with this jewel called 'Back & Forth'. Remixes by Di Mora and La touche Finale.

Back & Forth is a club oriented Nu Disco track made by our friend Cristian Ferrer From Madrid - Spain! With catchy vocals, strong bass and rolling beat, all well balanced by the producer, this song has a lot of potential to hit the charts!!

Di Mora Remix maintains the Nu Disco vibe, but with more melodies and situations to keep the listeners attention. The track ends with a beautiful and surprising melody, Great Job here!

La Touche Finale brings his unique 'Touch' to the track, transforming into something totally new and cohesive. We enjoyed this remix from the firsts seconds to the end, congratulations!

We are excited to show these amazing tracks, keep tuned for more from these 3 guys!